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6633 North Mesa, Suite 101
El Paso, Texas 79912

Thank you for visiting YorkAllergyClinic.com

We'd like to familiarize you with our services, and make your, or your child's, first visit a pleasant experience.

What sets York Allergy Clinic apart is that we limit our services to outpatient treatment of allergy/sinus problems and the prevention of asthma. This is important, because when allergies, asthma, or sinus infections begin to flare, the key to keeping them from draining you of energy (and life) is early intervention. It's tremendously easier (and less costly, not only financially, but in terms of our lives) to prevent allergy problems than it is to treat them once they're out of control.

We limit our practice to outpatient services so that we can routinely offer same-day appointments. In our experience, prompt intervention in allergy/sinus and early asthma problems is critical. The ability to provide expert treatment for these problems quickly allows us to stop them before they get so out of control that hospitalization is necessary. Our patients, both adults and children, learn to get in early, when symptoms are just starting to flare, so that we can minimize the impact allergy makes on their lives.


York Allergy Clinic is located at 6633 North Mesa Street,
between Resler and Sunland Park. 915-584-YORK (-9675)